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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update


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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update Empty GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update

    Post  Dan131 on Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:43 am

    Welcome to the GTa3 Alpha version Mod 2018 update

    Welcome To The GTa3 Alpha Version Mod 2018 update offical page.

    After 3 years since Meltedsox had released his GTa3: Alpha Version Mod 2.0 to the public.
    the mod is aged badly and looking terrible.and has lots of issues that ruins the gameplay.
    This small update started on 2016 with Me and Melted,
    but the project was scrapped when i left melted because he's a buster.
    now the project was restarted.and we're about to make his shitty mod playable with lots a bug fixes and with some brand new stuff,
    since 2014.there wasn't any new alpha mod of GTA3.since GTA3D is still under development,and the First builds mod by gallardo is dead.
    we don't want to recreate the fully alpha game.that's what GTa3d for.
    We trying to bring the alpha experience without major re-working.only 3 of us working on the mod.
    mod should be done around january 2018

    -New alpha claude.
    -New alpha timecyc.
    -New correct Textures.
    -New Alpha animation.
    -GTa2 sounds.
    -New car colors.
    -Updated Hud.
    - Beta Commercial district.
    -GTa2 Fonts.
    -Removed j* shitty airport and restored phill's place.
    -All subways now accesable again.
    -Badly done ENB Removed,
    -New cars.
    - Restored cut sounds (chinatown,train station)
    -and many more fixes.

    First Offical Trailer


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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update Empty Re: GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update

    Post  gtamaster000 on Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:49 am

    Great!!! cheers cheers

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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update Empty HELL YES!

    Post  NikoOfLiberty on Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:18 pm

    He's back in business mother f*****'s! hopefully every thing works out good! I especially loved in that video that you used the correct Alpha Rhino model! cheers


    I found some useful videos from youtube and websites with pictures to help with the mod but some stuff is actually beta not alpha ill put the links down below hope it helps. One thing I noticed different was MattJ155's video was the hud and the 'BUSTED' was actually red in the beta/alpha also the car reflections too.

    Grand Theft Auto 3 Pre-release / Beta Footage in Chronological Order - MattJ155 -

    GTA 3 - Secret Alpha Car Renders [Beta Analysis] - Feat. MattJ155 [TRK, IT, ESP, PT, Thai Subs] - Vadim M -

    GTA 3 - Cut Character Darkel & Missions [In-depth Beta Analysis] - Feat. SWEGTA [ESP, TRK Subs] - Vadim M -

    GTA 3 - DeadDodo Flying Path [Pre 9/11 vs Final] [Comparison] [IDN,ESP, PT, PL, TRK subs] - Vadim M -

    GTA 3 - Beta Analysis [Compilation] - Vadim M -

    GTA 3 - How "9/11" changed the game [In-depth Analysis] - Feat.SpooferJahk [ESP, PT, HU, TR subs] - Vadim M -

    Gta 3 capital auto $ales website for beta vehicle also beta names too (look at Vadim M's video GTA 3's secrete alpha car renders video for more info about the website to find more beta/alpha vehicles). -


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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update Empty alpha mod

    Post  Ачыты on Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:32 am

    throw off the link please Smile

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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update Empty Re: GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update

    Post  MeltedSOX on Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:18 pm

    Ачыты wrote: throw off the link please Smile

    This mod is not available for download.

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    GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update Empty Re: GTa 3 Alpha 2018 update

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